Established in 1986, Hyphens Pharma is a leader in Specialty Pharmaceuticals with an extensive reach in the Southeast Asian markets – making it Asean’s Leading Specialty Pharma Company.

Headquartered in Singapore, we focus on the sales and marketing of premium quality pharmaceuticals from various therapeutic fields.

“Our business was built on marketing trusted brands that are widely used and recognised by pharmaceutical professionals, and equally important was the formation of relationships with our customers and suppliers.”
- Mr. Lim See Wah, Managing Director

“Our vision is to consistently provide a better quality of life through the use of our products. We consistently leverage on our internal capabilities, knowledge and networks to continuously bring value to our customers.”
- Mr. Tan Chwee Choon, Regional Director

As the symbol of reliability and trust, we are passionate in ensuring that doctors and patients can depend on our brand. With an emphasis on the bonds formed between ourselves and our principals as well as our doctors, we provide assurance through our market knowledge and regulatory expertise in South East Asia. The accuracy of our information gives doctors the confidence to prescribe our pharmaceuticals.

Built upon this integrity, we ensure that unsurpassed services are provided to customers through the reliability of our people. We guarantee better value through the quality of our unparalleled pharmaceuticals which leads to excellent outcomes for doctors and patients.

This has helped us pave the way in making a mark for ourselves in ASEAN. It is this very ambition to become a market leader in ASEAN that drives us to continuously care for our customers’ needs.


Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals

Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Hyphens Pharma, is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Singapore involved in the distribution of pharmaceuticals in Singapore. It has served generations of medical professionals since it was established in the 1940s. Today, it is The Medical HyperMart in Singapore. With its strong logistical capability, Pan-Malayan supports Hyphens with local as well as regional logistical services.