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Hyphens Pharma Appoints Exclusive Distributor in South Korea for TDF Fairence® T-Complex

18 Jan 2021 – We have appointed JSPharma as an exclusive distributor of TDF Fairence® T-Complex in South Korea. JSPharma’s key customers include medical clinics, hospitals, and burn centres covering medical specialists such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors. It currently represents several international brands from Europe and the United States.

Fairence® is a a scientifically designed pigment lightening cream enhanced by Xcelarev®, a patented delivery system incorporating three key ingredients, namely Tranexamic acid, Niacinamide and Lactobionic acid, to tackle pigmentation issues such as melasma. Click here to read our media release for more details.

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Hyphens Pharma Broadens Ceradan® Brand’s Outreach to Mainland China

12 Nov 2020 – We are delighted to welcome Shanghai Good Luck International Trading Co. Ltd. as an exclusive distributor of Ceradan®. Shanghai Good Luck has the integrated marketing capability and knowledge to sell and market professional products in the medical channel in all the major economic regions in Mainland China.

Under this partnership, they will be granted exclusive rights to distribute Ceradan® products, such as Ceradan® Skin Barrier Repair Cream, with the exception of Ceradan® Advanced. Click here to read our media release for more details.

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