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Different languages, cultural heritage, and political and social systems in ASEAN affect the way healthcare is delivered and how businesses are conducted in each country.

With an in-depth understanding of these differences to make precise judgments, we are able to nurture many successful strategic relationships over the years.


Singapore (HQ)

Healthcare spending in Singapore is expected to reach S$27 billion by 2030 from S$11.3 billion in 2019, driven by a rapidly aging population.

Singapore is our regional headquarter, where strategic planning, finance, regulatory affairs, legal, business development and logistics operations are sited.

We serve both public and private sectors’ healthcare institutions – hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.



Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry has a high growth rate of about 19% per annum. This figure far exceeded even the country’s GDP growth rate (est. 7% per annum). We are bullish about its tremendous continual growth.

Hyphens Pharma has been an early entrant in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market since 1989. Our operations and sales in Vietnam have grown from strength to strength.

Besides in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, we have also established our presence in various provinces to better serve our customers.



With a per capita healthcare expenditure of USD $437 (2019), Malaysia ranks the second highest in the region. It’s poised to grow further, driven by demand for quality care.

Our Malaysia office is located in Petaling Jaya. Since 2004, we have been covering all major cities in Peninsula and East Malaysia.



With a population of more than 270 million people, Indonesia is the largest country in ASEAN. The implementation of the national healthcare system (BPJS) since 2014 has created both opportunities and challenges for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our operations commenced in 2011, partnering P.T. Nicholas Laboratories and P.T. Kebayoran Pharma for our regulatory, logistics and commercial needs.

Through our representative office and collaborations above, our people provide medical promotion in Jabodetabek (Jakarta and surrounding satellite cities) and other major cities in West, Central and East Java, as well as Medan in Sumatra.



According to The Philippine News Agency, the country’s pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow up to PHP216 billion by 2024.

Philippines is the third largest pharmaceutical market among countries in ASEAN, with a population of  115 million people.

With a strong sales force and market knowledge, Hyphens Pharma has rode on the wave of its growing economy since establishment in 2007.

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